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Self-Catering Villas

A villa holiday is all about having the freedom to create your ideal getaway. Your secluded space is just that – all yours, with no rules and restrictions! So that could mean a late breakfast on your villa terrace, followed by a lazy afternoon by your private pool. Or maybe it means heading out in your hire car for a day of adventure, before rustling up a sizzling barbecue feast for the evening glow? Self-catering villas open up so many possibilities for culinary treats and new experiences. But if you just prefer those familiar snacks from home, you can add those to the menu too! With so much choice, there’s something for every taste on a self-catering villa holiday.

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Self-Catering Holidays

A family enjoying their villa holiday

Freedom and Flexibility

A villa holiday means something different for everyone. Perhaps it’s a chilled getaway spent lounging by your private pool and switching off from the outside world? Or maybe you have an adventurous streak, and you’re craving some beachside thrills? Whatever your idea of holiday heaven, choosing a villa as your base gives you the ultimate flexibility. And it’s the same when it comes to your mealtimes and food choices.

Who wants to wake up to a cold buffet, or be limited to kitchen opening times for dinner? Having strict mealtimes and a set menu is no fun at all! Especially for those who like to delve into unique local tastes, or may be a little choosy with their food choices. A self-catering villa means you’re in full control - everyone is happy with so much flexibility!

A family enjoying the local delights

Local Delights

Food is a highlight of any cultural experience. So much delight and enjoyment stems from culinary treats, both at home and abroad. Local menus and recipes often date back for many decades, and hold a special place in the hearts of those who’ve created them or enjoyed them over the years.

Creating your own villa feast for your loved ones is even easier with fresh produce. Local markets and shops are ideal for grabbing some tasty ingredients. You can even add your own individual twist! Perhaps you like things a little extra spicy, or wish to tone things down to suit those younger palates? Whether it’s tasty Spanish tapas, zesty Greek meze or irresistible Italian pizza, the possibilities for a fantastic food frenzy are endless.

A family relaxing by their private pool

Home Comforts

Alongside new flavours and tempting treats, you often fancy some familiar dishes from home. In your villa kitchen, you can rustle up much-loved meals whenever you feel like it. Find a nearby shop and grab yummy ingredients for those dishes your little ones love. You could even pack a few items from your own kitchen cupboard, making mealtimes that little bit easier. This means no fuss and all smiles! So the holiday fun carries on without a hiccup.

Packing snacks is a great way to plan ahead. This makes the day even more enjoyable, whether you’re heading for sunny beach times, or jumping in your hire car for a family adventure. Fresh fruit is a healthy option with an unbeatable sweet flavour, thanks to warmer climes in many villa holiday destinations. Nuts and popcorn are another healthy alternative. You’re also likely to save money compared to buying food at a beachside café! What’s not to love about that?

A family enjoying some time in their private pool

Memorable Moments

The feelings and emotions flowing during a villa holiday are incredible, whether you’re an excitable kid or an adventurous adult! The sense of magic begins from the moment you start planning your next getaway, to the thrill of getting it all booked. The moment when it’s all official! And then there’s the days leading up to the trip, the packing, and exciting drive to the airport. The anticipation can’t be beaten and is shared with your loved ones!

A self-catering villa makes those memorable holiday moments even more special. Enjoying alone time with those closest to your heart is what holidays are all about! That means sleeping in and enjoying lazy mornings with no set mealtime interruptions. Bask in the sun and pour the zingy orange juice or aromatic coffee whenever you feel like it. Light up your barbecue for unbeatable smoky flavours, amazing for a meaty lunch or dinner. Sitting down together for an al fresco meal in the evening sun brings times you’ll never forget. Treasured holiday moments await in your wonderful home from home.

We love Self-Catering Villas

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