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Ask the Experts: Kefalonia

It's fair to say our Product Team know a thing or two about James' dreamy destinations. This week we're picking Product and Purchasing Manager Christina Hutchinson's brains about carefree Kefalonia. So what tips does our resident guru of all things Greek have for us


The golden, sandy beach at Skala is lined with orange sunloungers and parasols

What's your favourite beach?

Skala is a lovely long stretch of sandy beach – it's long enough to have loads of watersports at one end, and a quiet section at the other.

There is a wonderful selection of eateries all along the 7km of beach, from traditional tavernas to sophisticated beach bars to appeal to all appetites. Mounda Beach – a more wild and woolly beach, with very little accommodation or commercial buildings as it is a favoured breeding ground for the Caretta Caretta giant Loggerhead turtles who come ashore every year to lay their eggs. Volunteers from all over the world come to help the little turtles hatch and find their way to the sea. Sweeping sand dunes, a gentle incline and shallow water are not only perfect for Turtles but little Humans too!

An aerial view of Aghia Efimia village in Kefalonia

What's your favourite Village?

Aghia Efimia is a small horse-shoe shaped harbour with a scattering of restaurants and shops following the shape of the bay. Boats, yachts and local fishing Caiques jostle each other on the harbour-front and there is a small pebble beach called Paradise Beach at one end. It is a timeless pretty village where visitors get to know the locals and can wander round the harbour buying the fresh fish for the barbecue or dine out trying a different taverna every night.

Sunlight pours through the collapsed roof at the infamous Melissani Lake

Favourite Attraction?

Melissani Lake is an extraordinary natural phenomena; an underground lake fed by subterranean channels with water running from the opposite side of the island. The cave is partially open to the elements when its ceiling collapsed, and there is access to it via a man-made tunnel that leads to the shore of the lake. From there, a small boat rowed by local oarsmen do tours across the lake. Dramatic stalactites grow to one side of the caves and the ceiling, more than 300 feet above you, has light coming in from the entrance, creating a spectacular and eerie effect of dancing colours, a unique experience.

A palm-lined pedestrian promenade stretches round the harbour front in Argostoli, Kefalonia

The most popular place to do a spot of shopping?

In the Capital; Argostoli, is a charming pedestrianised street of shops, restaurants and café-bars where locals and visitors enjoy a leisurely stroll through the middle of the town. Backgammon and chess are popular pastimes accompanied by a Greek Coffee or an ouzo, as well as "people-watching" in general, it eventually opens out onto the main square with more shops and restaurants to choose from.

On Argostoli harbour front is a long selection of fresh fruit, vegetables and fish markets where the sights, sounds and smells make food shopping great fun!

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