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Live Like a Local

Whether your next trip is to sunny Florida or the beaches of the Balearic Islands, embracing the local way of life is sure to provide the perfect holiday experience. From learning the lingo, to treating the tastebuds to new delicacies, there's so many ways you can experience your chosen destination like a local.

Fresh fruit at a local market

Embrace the Local Lifestyle

So why not embrace the local lifestyle and make the most of the array of amenities right on your doorstep? You'll not only get your hands on fresh fruits and unique souvenirs but you'll also be supporting local businesses and helping to make a positive impact on the beautiful world we live in!

We're supporting ABTA's annual 'Make Holidays Greener' campaign where we're encouraging holidaymakers to take positive social and environmental actions on holiday. Here's a few tips on how you can contribute to the local community as well as have a fun-filled getaway…

Platter of local tapas including seafood and meat

Eat Local

Our holidays are the perfect opportunity to tuck into fresh cuisine that we can't always get back home, but did you know the benefits this has for the locals, too? Not only is home-grown food full of tantalising flavours and bursting with nutrients, purchasing these products also help to support local communities and economy. So why not try Greece's famous feta cheese or sip on a cool, crisp glass of Chianti whilst you sit back and take in the Tuscan countryside?

Eating local also means eating seasonally, so foods are grown when our bodies need them most meaning there will be a fresh, juicy watermelon available to cool you down on hot summer's day!

Shop Local

Spend your morning taking in the abundance of sights and smells at local markets. You can meet the locals and immerse yourself in their way of life! Shopping at markets is a great way to support small local businesses and help the region thrive long after you've left, allowing yourself and others the opportunity to sample these delights for years to come.

Spoilt with the wealth of tantalising colours and aromas (no plastic packaging here!) pick up a juicy grapefruit on your Spanish getaway and it will taste even sweeter knowing the contribution you've made!

Local souvenirs in a gift shop

Buy Local

Holiday souvenirs are perfect for keeping memories of your trip alive and what better keepsake is there than a handcrafted, one of a kind holiday keepsake? Whether it's jewellery or arts and crafts you're looking for, these mementos are usually available handmade by the local community. Look out for small producers of wine, oils or vinegars – each region and country have their own take on these popular products and they make the perfect gift for a true taste of your holiday destination! For coffee lovers, the famous Turkish coffee is a holiday must have and this can be enjoyed as an early morning treat on your villas balcony, or back home long after you've returned!

By thinking a little more about your holiday shopping you can help support communities as well as reducing negative impacts on the environment and are more likely to choose a unique souvenir you'll treasure long after you're home!

We Love Living The Local Life

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