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Holiday How to Guides

Our Holiday How to Guides are a great resource when preparing for your villa holiday, and even useful to read whilst abroad. To make your time away even more relaxing and enjoyable, we’ve got some fantastic advice and tips on all things holiday - from protecting your skin and hair in the sun to feeding the fussy eaters in the family.

  • How to Make the Most of Spanish Culture

    Our useful guide to Spanish culture includes key events, handy phrases and tips to help you make the most of your villa holiday in Spain.

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  • How To Pack a Suitcase

    Packing for toddlers, a family of four, or just want help with organising your own case? Take the stress out of packing a suitcase on every villa holiday with our top tips.

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  • Guide to Spanish Dishes

    The tasty range of traditional food is a real highlight of a Spanish villa holiday. With our guide to the top dishes to try while on holiday in Spain you’ll discover the most delicious foods to sample - it’s not just Paella on offer!

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  • How to protect your skin and hair

    Keeping sunburn at bay is key to an enjoyable holiday, while your hair doesn’t have to suffer either with our top tips for keeping both in great condition.

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  • How to Feed Fussy Eaters

    Taking little ones on holiday and away from their usual meal choices can be a challenge with fussy eaters. Our guide will make eating on holiday a pleasure for all of the family.

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