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Family Activity Holidays

For families with a sense of adventure it's often those fun activities and thrills that make up their holiday tales and stories for years to come! Ziplining with mum, kayaking with dad or something embarrassing that happened to a sibling on one adventure. There's something magical about sharing an adrenaline rush or exciting experience together, so why not enjoy the ride with your little ones on your next getaway? We've got a few ideas for your family activity holiday right here.

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Top activities for family holidays...

A young family stand up paddle boarding in Mallorca

Stand up paddle boarding in Mallorca

If there's one activity that's ripe for some family fun and laughing at the expense of those who aren't quite naturals, it's stand up paddle boarding. Although once you get the hang of it, it'll all be worth it. Especially for those amazing snaps of the whole family gliding through the water, cool poses optional. This is the perfect way to explore Mallorca from a different perspective, following a tour as you glide around giant cliffs, intriguing caves and tropical-style reefs. You'll probably see lots of wildlife too, what's not to like?

Sea kayaking in Dubrovnik

The city walls of Dubrovnik are simply amazing, but sometimes the crowds exploring them can get a little too much. So what if we told you that you could take them in from your own floating fortress of solitude? And if you like the sound of paddling but need something a little less intense, this will be right up your street. Most tours will take you round to Lokrum Island which the Old Town gazes longingly towards and into sea caves dotted along the coast. You're the master of paddling, so you can glide through the water as quickly or leisurely as you like. When you see something you like, stop and enjoy it for as long as you want! Bobbing along the waves never felt so good…

A woman abseils down a rocky cliff face in Lanzarote

Lanzarote's hidden lava tunnels

From black sandy beaches to moon-like rocks, Lanzarote's volcanic past is everywhere. Head down into the lava tunnels that lie beneath the surface for a real step back in time. These tube-like formations were created as flowing lava started to cool on the surface but the hot lava below carried on burrowing through. When it eventually cooled, snake like passageways and small caves formed in the rock. Across the island there are many entrances into this network of tunnels, so you can either explore the caves closer to the surface or if you're feeling brave take a longer tour venturing down further – 60m to be exact! A safe-haven from pirates in the past, it's now your turn to explore Lanzarote's hidden underground network.

Abseiling in Lanzarote

Back on dry land, how about a spot of abseiling with a twist? In the north of the island there's a dam waiting to be scaled and descended – the impressive Presa del Mala. You'll be kitted out with a harness, gloves and helmet, before being safely secured and clipped in to make your way to the bottom. Warning you not to look down seems like a waste of time, because you'll be too busy admiring the stunning views of the mountains and landscape! Daredevils will love letting go of the ropes and resting their weight on their harness, giving them the chance to pose for the camera.

A man wearing a red helmet and safety harness ziplines through the rainforest in Antigua

Rainforest Zipline Tour in Antigua

Take that high flying adrenaline to even greater heights, with a family adventure in the Antiguan rainforest. You'll soon be soaring through the tropical trees on ziplines, admiring the beauty of this Caribbean gem below. You even get to pick how many you tackle! From 6 to 12, why not wait and see how adventurous you're feeling. The centre proudly boasts that they've had zipline zoomers from ages 4 to 99, so this really is the activity for all ages.

Costa del Sol's inflatable playground

Jump, climb, slide and swing on the Costa del Sol's inflatable waterpark! As much fun for grownups as it is for kids, this floating obstacle course sits 70m out at sea, boasting slides, trampolines and swings. Splash around as a family or sit on the beach and watch as the kids race each other. Be prepared to see your family's competitive side! One hour passes are on offer, or you can make a day of it slipping and sliding until your hearts content. Strong swimmers will love this, but younger children might want to stick to the easier courses near the shore.

Two young children make their way across a rope assault course in tree tops in the Algarve

Parque Aventura in the Algarve

There's more harness based fun to be had in the Algarve, where Parque Aventura whisks you up into the canopy! A world of gravity defying challenges awaits, regardless of how old and fearless your little ones are. There's different courses tailored to all ages from four upwards, meaning the whole family can get in on the action. Ziplines let you do your best superhero impression, tightropes and bridges are a trial your balance and swinging platforms test your bravery. This is an activity the whole gang will love!

Algarve catch of the day

Hit the open ocean for a family fishing trip in the Algarve. Get up close and personal with Portugal's many species of fish and if you're lucky you might spot a dolphin or two! Dangle your bait along the seabed and see if you can catch shrimp, crabs or mullet. Aiming for something bigger? Then keep an eye out for swordfish and even octopi. If that's not enough excitement already, you'll also get to explore secret caves and coves along the coastline. Armed with a snorkel you'll discover what lies within – you might even come across some underwater buried treasure! So get your sea legs on and set sail for your very own nautical adventure.

A rushing river makes its way through Samaria Gorge, surrounded by lush greenery

Hiking in Crete

The beauty of hiking in Crete is that the terrain is so wonderfully varied, so there always seems to be options for scaling down routes to suit your family's abilities and ages. You might choose a flat coastal path, taking you to enchanting sea caves and monuments once used to protect against pirate invasion. Maybe you'll head inland and into the mountains to explore the deep and impressive Samaria Gorge? If that sounds slightly daunting, the mountains are home to traditional villages and Greek-style cottages for a laid-back stroll. You know your family best, so it's simply a case of carving a route that everyone will love conquering.

Take the reins in Cyprus

Saddle up and explore the forests, hills and coastline of Cyprus on horseback. A huge favourite with youngsters, take your pick from rides to suit beginners and those more comfortable taking the reins. Children as young as five can join a trek at most horse riding centres, and having their own pony for the day is a real treat. Trot through banana plantations, orchards and olive groves, or you can trek down to sea caves and explore local beauty spots.

Still not found that family activity that you're itching to try? With more than 60 destinations to choose from, that thrill or spill is out there somewhere…

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