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Family Holidays

Imagine the freedom that a villa holiday could bring you and your family – a space to call your own, the privacy to relax together and the flexibility to do whatever you please, and to head off and explore whenever you like. At James Villa Holidays, we ensure that a family staying in one of our beautiful villas has everything needed to make the most of their holiday time together. We all lead such busy lives so quality family time is often scarce these days, making our holiday is very precious. A family holiday is your chance to get together, enjoy one another’s company and to experience somewhere new, away from the hassle of everyday life.

The pressure to get a family holiday right can make the process of choosing and booking such an adventure more stressful than it need be. For this reason, at James Villa Holidays we endeavour to do all that we can to make creating your family holiday as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. That includes selecting some of the world’s most luxurious family-friendly villas for you to peruse, inspiring activities you may wish to try, and organising everything you need for an unforgettable holiday.

  • School Holiday Villas

    Need a little half term inspiration? Or just looking to find a destination that the whole family will love? Find your perfect school holiday villa, with our guide.

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  • Florida Family Holidays

    Find fun for the whole family on your Florida villa holiday. Whether you're itching for adrenaline, excited about meeting all of your favourite characters or taking in amazing animal shows. View our guide here.

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  • Child Friendly Pools

    Setting off with excited little ones? It's important that you choose a suitable villa for everyone, where you're all safe and able to have fun. Finding a villa with the right pool will go a long way to ticking these boxes. Read our guide to child friendly pools here.

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  • Child Friendly Villas

    It's time to find a villa that the whole family will love! One that's just as fun for the little ones as it is for you. Making those holiday memories will feel even more magical in your child friendly villa.

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  • Your Kefalonia Family Holiday

    Can you resist the call of Kefalonia? Ideal if you're searching for a destination that caters to the whole family. From sea kayaking to snorkelling, you'll find something for all tastes and ages on this amazing island.

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  • Family Holidays Abroad

    A family villa holiday is your chance to relax as a family and enjoy the luxury of being as spontaneous as you like. Our family Holiday Resorts offer the best of both worlds: a stunning villa to call your own, and a wealth of activities on your doorstep.

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