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Holiday Ideas - Let us tell you everything we know...

Booking a holiday can be an enjoyable but in some ways a monumental task, from deciding upon the right time to go, organising your accommodation, settling upon a budget and planning excursions. At James Villa Holidays, we’re determined to help make the process of deciding a destination and booking your dream holiday as relaxing and enjoyable as the experience itself. Our aim is to inspire you to create a holiday that is unique and special to you - one that will fit your needs exactly. We can’t wait to introduce you to your dream holiday and the many things available to do once you get there.

Whether you’re a beach bunny, fan of the natural landscape, or prefer to be in the centre of everything, we have a location or resort to cater to your every need. We handpick our accommodation with you in mind making sure the quality and comfort is of a high standard and has everything you need to enjoy your holiday your way. Let us help inspire you and help you plan an amazing holiday to remember.

  • 2020 Villa Holidays

    Get ready for some serious holiday inspiration! Whether that’s giving you a nudge towards a destination that’s always tickled your fancy, or just a few tips on how to have the getaway of a lifetime. Here’s the inside scoop on your 2020 villa holiday.

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  • Beach Holidays

    Whether you’re hoping to stroll along stretches of beautiful golden beaches, relax with only the waves for company, or explore secluded coves and inlets, we’ve gathered together some of the very best beach holiday locations for your enjoyment.

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  • Villa Holidays

    There's something about settling down in your own villa each night after a day of fresh air and exploration. As the UK's leading villa holiday specialist, with over 35 years' experience and expert knowledge, we can help you to decide upon and book your perfect villa holiday.

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  • LGBT Holidays

    Put together your villa holiday puzzle by finding the perfect villa and destination. We’re here to help you seamlessly slot those two pieces together! Your incredible getaway awaits…

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  • Family Holidays

    Spending quality time with your family is so important, and holidays are the perfect opportunity to do just that. But there's often added pressure to get everything right. That's where we come in. We provide advice to help you find the right family holiday for you and yours.

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  • Where's Hot?

    If chasing an eternal summer is how you get your holiday highs, then look no further than our handy 'where's hot' guides.

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  • 2021 Holidays

    We'll have your 2021 holiday wish list ticked off before you know it with the help of our handy guides and insider tips. From destination inspiration to bagging yourself a 2021 bargain, you're well on your way to the holiday of a lifetime…

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  • 2019 Holidays

    Planning your 2019 holiday? We’re here to help! Let us help you find a holiday that’s just right for you. We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to make planning your holiday more enjoyable in 2019.

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  • Holiday How to Guides

    Discover our Holiday How to Guides for useful articles, videos and tips on everything you need to make your villa holiday even more special.

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  • Our Holiday Extras Explained

    Holiday Extras Explained

    From car hire to welcome packs, discover what extras we can organise to make your holiday even more care-free.

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