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The best beaches in Lanzarote

Thinking of jetting off to this stunning Canary Island? You'll want to get the inside scoop on the best beaches in Lanzarote. Maybe you're searching for an inviting cove, nestled behind the cliffs. Somewhere to top up your tan, tucked away from strong winds. But what if you need the breeze!? You might be looking to try your hand at watersports and windsurfing. It might be as simple as finding a bustling beach or a stretch of sand away from the crowds. We all have our own idea of an amazing beach day, so pick out your favourites from our handy guide. It's beach to their own, after all.

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Lanzarote's Best Beaches

Papagayo Beach in Lanzarote

Playa de Papagayo

Be sure to head to Papagayo - where the sand is white and the water's fine. Sitting at the southern tip of the island, it's just one of the stunning beaches found in the Los Ajaches Natural Park. For many visitors here it's the pick of the bunch. And seeing as this collection of beaches is known as the 'Playas de Papagayo' it's hard to disagree.

So, why go to Papagayo? This inviting cove is tucked away among the cliffs, sheltering you from strong winds. So you'll be blown away for all the right reasons! Especially when you set eyes on the amazing views, where craggy cliffs meet idyllic beach. Make sure you've packed your camera. The waters are just as calm as the sea breeze, so families will feel right at home as they splash and play safely. The gentle waves coupled with crystal-clear waters create a snorkellers dream! Pop on your mask, take a deep breath and prepare for an amazing under the sea scene, teeming with colourful fish and volcanic rocks.

And it's all just a short drive from our villas in Playa Blanca! Enjoy a magical day on one of Lanzarote's best beaches, before unwinding in your home from home.

Playa de las Cucharas beach in Lanzarote

Playa de las Cucharas

Fall in love with windsurfing at Las Chucharas. Conditions here are so perfect that international contests often make their way to this part of Costa Teguise. And it's not just for the professionals! You can try your hand at it too. There's plenty of calm spots here, perfect for learning the basics and developing your technique. The shimmering waters also make swimming, diving and snorkelling a real treat. So if you're more interested in peeking beneath the waves than gliding across them, you're taken care of too.

Active beach days aren't for everyone, of course. Maybe you just need that perfect sunbathing spot? Somewhere to get stuck into a good book or equally as lost in the mesmerising scenery. There's plenty of space here, with 640m of sand just waiting for you. Set out your towel, hire a lounger – the choice is all yours.

Costa Teguise is just a stone's throw away too. Take a stroll through town, picking out the perfect restaurant. Swimmers, divers and windsurfers will have worked up a large appetite – although sunbathers and beachfront relaxers might be just as peckish. Sprinkle a little extra seaside charm over your day here by heading to Pueblo Marinero. The 'fishing village' is home to a number of traditional buildings, born from the artistic imagination of Lanzarote's own Cesar Manrique.

Playa del Reducto beach in Lanzarote

Playa del Reducto

The curved sands of Playa del Reducto look and feel like a tropical paradise! Golden sands that shimmer in the sun, sparkling seas that shine just as brightly – is this the Canary Islands or the Caribbean? The promenade that winds it away along this stretch of sand is even lined with palm trees. This is the type of natural beauty you can enjoy without even stepping foot on the sand. Drink it all in with a stroll through the palms and when your legs get a little tired, just take a seat at a beachside bar or restaurant.

For those of you who can't resist paddling, sunbathing and the sand between your toes – this beach is ideal. Especially if you're heading away with the family. Clear, clean and calm, you'll struggle to find better seas for your little ones. In fact, the whole family will have plenty of space for splashing around and frolicking on the sand. This 500m stretch is Arrecife's largest beach, so finding a place to pitch up is a stress-free experience.

Playa Quemada beach in Lanzarote

Playa Quemada

Discovering that Playa Quemada translates to 'burnt beach' might make you a little sceptical, but fear not. It's the black volcanic sand that has given Quemada its name, not a combination of the Canarian sun and fair skin!

This stretch of coastline is perfect for those that love something out of the ordinary. You'll find few facilities and activities here, but this is all part of the charm. Stripped back tranquillity awaits! The beach and seaside village have managed to remain way off tourism's radar. Quemada is where nearby residents come to unwind and take a dip in smooth seas – life the local way has never felt more refreshing and relaxing.

Plus, it's just a short drive from Puerto del Carmen. Making it perfect for a beach day with a twist, on your Lanzarote villa holiday. And if you've never locked eyes on dark volcanic sand, be sure to move Quemada to the top of your list.

Playa de las Conchas beach in Lanzarote

Playa de las Conchas

Who knew that the desert island of your dreams was less than 30 minutes away from Lanzarote's shores? One for those adventurous souls among you, Las Conchas is found on the nearby island of La Graciosa. Set off on your own expedition for seemingly deserted shores. Your adventure begins in northern Lanzarote, where your vessel departs. Prepare for an air of tranquility to wash over you as you step foot on land, there's just two small villages on La Graciosa and this relaxing atmosphere works its way down to the beaches too.

Stunning shores are the draw for visitors here, with Las Conchas standing head and shoulders above the rest! There's not a restaurant or watersport in sight, so just sit back and take in the natural beauty. The highlight is the views of neighbouring islands, dotted across the turquoise waters. Hours might pass before you realise you've lost yourself in this stunning scenery. Just remember that you've got a ferry to catch!

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There's more to this amazing Canary Island than its beaches! Take a look at our guide on things to do in Lanzarote.

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