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Best Beaches in Costa Blanca

Clue's in the name with this coveted Costa, where an ivory patchwork of sand and pebbles sprawl out for a whopping 200km. Pick 'n' mix between Blue Flags, secret coves and hedonistic hotspots for the sweetest selection of this tried and tested Spanish sensation. From the south's high-rise skyscrapers to the north's wildly wonderful headlands, discover tourist treasures and off-the-beaten-track beauties with the best beaches in Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca's Best Beaches

Sun, sea, sand and sangria are idyllic ingredients for a holiday cocktail that'll soon have you hooked! Working its Mediterranean magic, Costa Blanca conjures up emerald waters and miles of silky, soft sands by the bucket (list) load. A tried and tested beach break beauty, the 'white coast' needs little introduction…

Beneath the crystalline waters of la Granadella beach lie a small flurry of fish. Above the waves, beautiful natural scenery surrounds the cove, set under brilliant blue skies.

Playa la Granadella, Javea

Welcome to paradise! Gorgeous La Granadella is a northern nirvana abounding in accolades from locals and tourists alike. and one of the region's worst kept secrets, despite the Blue Flag beauty being hidden behind a luscious pine forest. Nestled between majestic mountains, turquoise tones glisten under the hot Spanish sun, practically motionless thanks to two rugged headlands cocooning the water and keeping currents at bay. Lined with dazzling white shingle (it is Costa Blanca after all), what La Granadella lacks in sand it more than makes up for with natural beauty. Here you'll find an unbeatable bucket list backdrop for your beach day!

Thanks to its popularity, there are plenty of facilities on hand to make waterfront frolics hassle free. Rental chairs and hammocks are available, as well as toilets, bars and eateries, so you can settle in for the long haul and enjoy all this captivating cove has to offer. If aquatic adventures are on the agenda, there's plenty of activities to whet your appetite. Crystal-clear waters and seagrass attract snorkelers and scuba divers in their droves. As do the selection of stunning sea caves that are dotted decoratively around the horseshoe-shaped haven.

When you're ready to roll up your beach towel, jaw-dropping Javea is sure to woo you with its spellbinding scenery. Overlooked by towering Montgo Massif, the mountain sets the bar high (753m to be exact) for this gorgeous little corner of the Spanish coastline. Split into three main areas, there's so much to discover you'll be planning a return visit long before you're heading back to your villa…

Powder-white sands and azure waters, flanked by towering skyscrapers at Playa de Levante

Playa de Levante, Benidorm

You may not recognise the name, but take one look at the iconic skyline of Playa de Levante and its infamous high-rise backdrop and you'll know where you are! A tried and tested holiday institution, this beloved Blue Flag bay might not have the aesthetic attributes of a charming coastal cove, but sometimes you just want a beach that does exactly what it says on the tin. Busy and buzzing, staunch sun, sand and sea lovers will find it hard to match the golden shores and crystal-clear waters of this tourist treasure. Sprawling out for 2000 metres and enjoying a spectacular 3000 hours of sunshine per year, this small fishing village turned veteran resort has more than earned its stripes.

There's no such thing as a dull moment on these Costa Blancan shores, so your beach day can be as action-packed or laid-back as your heart desires. Backed by a pedestrianised promenade accessorised with swaying palms, the strip is kitted out with countless restaurants, cafes and bars to boot. Amble along the atmospheric walkway and marvel at the gargantuan skyscrapers and brooding mountains, Spain's very own Rio de Janeiro.

A wealth of wet and wild watersports are on offer, including water skiing, parasailing, or family favourite – the elusive banana boat. Adrenaline-junkies and excitable kids will love jetting across aquamarine waves on the yellow inflatable, the only question is who'll be the first to fall off? When you've had your fill of thrill-seeking antics, its back to basking on sun-drenched sands and winding down with the ones you love. They say 'the early bird catches the worm', but Playa de Levante doesn't penalise the latecomers, rewarding afternoon owls with non-stop sunshine all the way until sunset. After all, who wants to set an alarm on holiday?

Golden sands and aquamarine waters of La Fossa. Iconic Peñón de Ifach sits proudly in the background, overlooking the beautiful beach.

Playa de La Fossa, Calpe

Dishing out Blue Flags like they're going out of style, Playa de la Fossa is another seaside fantasy land flying its cerulean colours with pride. The crème de la crème of Costa Blanca's urban beaches, Calpe's crowning glory comes in the form of a looming limestone outcrop – Peñón de Ifach. Soaring out of the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, the rugged rock is one of the smallest nature reserves in Europe and picture-perfect proof that good things come in small packages. Primed for front row seats and unforgettable holiday snaps, laying down your towel at la Fossa treats you to awe-inspiring views of the famous landmark.

Boasting all the basic beach day requirements, these golden shores are just as big of a playa on the seafront score. Dive into action-packed antics and take to the seas with a stint of stand-up paddleboarding. What could be more fun than gliding across the bay as a group, having a good giggle at those of you who aren't quite naturals? You needn't worry about falling in either, with delightfully warm waters ready to catch any wobblers.

If your mood changes more than the tides and a nature-induced adventurous streak kicks in, power your way up the 332 metres of Peñón de Ifach. Small pathways serpentine over the rock face, making it accessible for anyone who's brave enough to hike in the heat. Once you reach the top, you'll be rewarded with second-to-none panoramas of Calpe, the magnificent Mediterranean Sea and, on a clear day, as far as Ibiza! Once you've exerted quite enough energy for one holiday, its back to powder-soft sands and one of the best lazy afternoons imaginable.

Pssst… For those keen to take their local experiences to the next level, head out on a fishing expedition and bring back your very own catch of the day! With villas in easy reach of the fabulous beach, you'll be cooking up a storm in no time.

Rugged coves of Tabarca Islet

Tabarca Islet

Variety is the spice of your life! So if you're looking to mix up your beachy routine, do it in style with a day trip to the islet of Tabarca. Sail into the holiday highlife on a glass bottomed catamaran, where crystal-clear waters make marine life snooping a breeze. Part of a Maritime Nature Reserve, the world under the waves is sure to wow with a kaleidoscope of colour and fishy friends – and that's all before you've even landed on the idyllic little island.

With cobwebs blown away and the refreshing stint of sea breeze behind you, it's time to hunt out your next sandy conquest. Peppered with picturesque coves and tucked-away bays, Tabarca is a go-to for those seeking out a little seclusion. A world away from the hum and hedonism of the mainland, find your own slice of island paradise and get lost in nature's coastal creations. Here stillness is only interrupted with the sound of rolling waves and swooping seagulls in the sky, the perfect soundtrack for peace and quiet. Settle in for a day of sunbathing, swimming and snorkelling, savouring every second of the spellbinding seascapes.

Playa de Tabarca, named for the island, is the biggest beach of the bunch. Sitting pretty, smack-bang in the middle of the 1,800 metre-long landmass, the concoction of sand and shingle is the busiest the islet has to offer. Namely thanks to its convenient position next to the port, meaning you can hop off the boat and straight onto your towel!

Psssttt… You can catch the ferry to Tabarca from Alicante Marina.

Swathes of golden sands stretch out as far as the eye can see in Denia

'Nature's Finest' Beaches, Denia

Costa Blanca and its world famous coastline may well conjure images of buzzing resorts and a lively social scene, but there are plenty of lesser-known treasures for those who know where to look. Go from tourist to traditional and swap soaring skyscrapers for quaint, quiet towns engulfed in greenery. Northern shores are most definitely for the nature lovers! As soon as your eyes gaze upon the swoon worthy seascapes, it'll be love at first sight…

If you're looking for a spot to make your jaw drop, beeline for dreamy Denia and its indented craggy coast. Found in the foothills of the Montgo Mountains, it's a town of two sandy tales. Sprawling out for 15 kilometres, rocky Las Rotas extends south, while laid-back Las Marinas and its long, silky beaches stretch north. Thanks to a stunning, scenic set-up, the exotic gem doles out intimate moments that are sure to spark your wanderlust.

The jewels in Denia's coastal crown, blissful bays and uncrowded coves are without a doubt the biggest draw. Las Rotas and its collection of secret sands are some of the prettiest parts in Costa Blanca, a big hit with holidaymakers seeking solitude – you could easily go a day without seeing another soul. Blue Flag beauties of Les Bovetes, Els Molins and Les Marines are just some of the gorgeous golden beaches that make Las Marinas a firm favourite. Roll out your towel and settle in for the long haul, it's a shore thing one of these hideaway havens will steal your heart.

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