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Villas in Gharb

One of the oldest and prettiest villages on the island is home to the attractive parish church of the Visitation. The church sits alongside the diminutive police station and folklore museum which is packed with objects relating to crafts and day to day Gozitan life. With its history of craft workers it is no surprise that on the outskirts of Gharb you will find the Ta Dbiegi Craft Village where traditional glass blowing, pottery making and iron working can be observed. Remember your purse as many interesting souvenirs can be purchased here. The most popular shrine on Gozo lies within the parameters of Gharb. Ta Pinu is an architectural masterpiece and is the most important pilgrimage site with a vast and remarkable collection of ex-voto offerings. Numerous pilgrims visit the sanctuary all year round, perhaps the most famous being Pope John Paul II who held mass there in 1990.

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  • 2 hrsfrom Malta

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Food & Dining

Food and dining at Gharb

Rabbit and meat stew is very popular amongst the Maltese and Gozitans, as well as delicious Italian-inspred pizza. Sample the local produce including fresh berries, olives and wine from the vineyards.

Restaurant Types

  • Family friendly
  • Local/Traditional

Nightlifein the area of Victoria

Nightlife at Gharb

Although Gozo is a relaxed island, a few clubs can be found in the capital. The Gozitan way of life is traditionally slow-paced and so many enjoy the evening at a good local restaurant with a bottle of wine. there are many restaurants and bars to choose from in the city centre, suitable for all tastes. As a cultural hub, theatre and recitals are very popular in the area, and you can often find a jazz concert or play going on in one of the theatres or churches.

Shops & Facilities

General Services

  • Foreign exchange
  • Banks
  • Police station
  • ATM's


  • Pharmacy

Excursions and Places of Interest

Gharb - excursions

The old town

Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village near Gharb (the oldest village on the island) is a great place to by some Gozitan lace, pottery, lace and glass as a souvenir of your holiday.


In the village square of Gharb, you will find an interesting museum of Folklore, displaying many different objects portraying the history of Gozitan trades, crafts and hobbies.

Churches / Cathedrals

A great place of importance amongst Gozitans, Ta' Pinu national church and shrine to the Virgin Mary are located in Gharb alongside a museum.


Gharb - activities

Land activities:

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