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Villas in Epirus, Greece

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An introduction to Epirus

Also known as Mainland Greece's "Ionian Coastline" thanks to its close proximity to the popular Ionian Islands of Corfu, Kefalonia, Paxos, Zakynthos and Lefkas, this glorious coastline boasts the same crystal waters and stunning scenery as its island neighbours. The lush greenery of dense pine and cypress forests that drop dramatically to the sandy beaches, coves and bays lining the shorelines offer a different countryside to the other island groups to the east and south. The Epirus region is perhaps one of the finest yet little known treasures of the Greek mainland. A world away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it’s a destination not only of exceptional natural beauty, but of charming simplicity. The landscape is quite simply a photographer’s dream, with fertile valleys and rugged mountains towering above the glorious coastline. A holiday here is one of tranquillity, where the simple things in life are the best things - whether that’s delicious cuisine from the bountiful local region, exploring the hideaway beaches and beautiful landscapes, or reflecting on days gone by with the echoes and remnants of a fascinating ancient history. It’s time to leave the tourist trail behind and embark on your own Greek odyssey from our villas in Epirus.

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  • Epirus Activities

    Our Epirus villas are an inspired choice for lovers of the great outdoors. The varied landscape of this region has to be one of the most remarkable in Greece, with its impressive mountain ranges, wonderful coastline and lush valleys enjoying a natural beauty and sense of simplicity best discovered on foot. A pleasant walk in the Grecian sunshine is sure to reveal countless postcard-perfect scenes, while those looking to explore further afield can take a boat to the secluded natural bays and rocky coves dotted along the coastline, where warm waters are ideal for swimming, snorkelling and windsurfing, at many of the larger beaches.

  • Epirus Food

    As a coastal region lapped by the Ionian Sea it’s no surprise that many of the starring dishes of the charming, local tavernas contain mouth-watering seafood fresh off the boat. From delicious fish soups to grilled calamari, often cooked to family recipes perfected over the years, the experience will be all the richer for being served up with the untiring warmth and friendless of Greek hospitality. As well as seafood, you can enjoy dishes of melt-in-the-mouth slow cooked meats, plus timeless Greek favourites such as moussaka - perhaps with a tipple of Ouzo to complete the authentic experience.

  • Epirus History

    Greece is revered for its rich history with a gripping past of conflict and conquest, and the region of Epirus is no exception. Nearby to the charming resort of Sivota atop a hill you can discover an ancient acropolis, while close to this is an eerily abandoned settlement of around fifty 18th-19th century houses. You can also explore the charming town of Parga, which is steeped in history, including the ruins of a 14th century castle towering above the rooftops and sapphire waters below. Turning away from the coast and venturing further inland will reveal many more historic sites, including the enthralling and forbidding, legendary gate of Hades, several amphitheatres and Roman ruins.

  • Epirus Beaches

    If you want to relax in the idyllic sunshine and curl your toes into the sand, Epirus is just the place for you. The sandy beach of Gallikos near Sivota is very suitable for families with children, however the jagged coastline is speckled with charming shingle beaches, rocky coves and white sands, lapped by the warm and spectacularly clear waters of the Ionian Sea and part of the charm of this area is exploring yourself to find your own private paradise. Offshore you can also find secluded islets with beaches of their own - one such is Bella Vrakaia, a beautiful beach on the Mourtemeno Island, which you can reach by crossing through the sea on foot, where the water is at knee height.

  • Epirus Holidays - Points of Interest

    • Tootle along the waves in a hired motor boat and go beach hopping until you find that perfect, secluded spot...

    • Take a step back in time at the town of Parga, with its many historic treasures and impressive 14th century castle.

    • Enjoy a day trip by ferry to the nearby Greek Islands of Corfu and Paxos .

    • Discover the fabled entrance to the underworld at the Necromanteion of Ephyra - or the gates of Hades - if you dare...

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