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Amalfi Coast - Live ‘la dolce vita’ everyday

Discover a spectacular landscape where mountains meet the sea in dramatic brilliance, with vibrantly painted cliff-edge towns perched above the waves. From our Amalfi Coast villas on the Sorrentine peninsular you can enjoy all that this wonderful region has to offer, from chic towns brimming with boutiques and tempting eateries, to the haunting archaeological sites at Pompeii and Herculaneum - arguably two of the most resonant in Europe. An utterly captivating destination and mythical home to the sirens, it’s easy to see how you’ll be likewise lured to our Amalfi Coast villas by the many seductions of the region.

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Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi

Located almost in the centre of the Sorrentine Peninsula, Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi is a small town high on the hill side above Sorrento and famously boasts spectacular views of both the Gulf of Salerno to one side and the Bay of Naples on the other. Here you will find a small selection of shops and local restaurants serving fresh seafood, pizza and pasta. Being in the centre of the Peninsula it serves as a good base from which to explore the local area and there is a small tourist office in the town to help you plan your stay. For keen hikers there is a 3km trail between Sorrento and Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi which takes just over an hour and has some great viewing points along the way.

  • 1hr 25mins fromNaples

Marina del Cantone

Marina del Cantone is a small beach resort near to the small village of Nerano on the Sorrentine Peninsula. The resort offers a blue flag, pebbled beach with a collection of local bars and restaurants including one with a Michelin star. The busy and bustling resort of Sorrento is only half an hour away by car and you can also reach other popular towns such as Positano and Amalfi by following the winding coastal road.

  • 1hr 30mins fromNaples


Perhaps one of the most well-known resorts along the Amalfi coastline, Sorrento has become a very popular destination for many thanks to its truly unique landscape, location and superb views. Built into the high mountainside, many of the town’s colourful buildings overlook the bay of Naples across to the infamous Mount Vesuvius. The town itself centres around a bustling main square, Piazzo Tasso, where you will find busy pavement cafés serving Italian espressos and gelatarias offering ice-cream in so many different flavours. From here explore the narrow shopping streets, sample local wine and Limoncello before dining at one of the towns many good restaurants. Located within an hour of the city of Naples, the archaeological site of Pompeii and the island of Capri Sorrento is a great base from which to explore the region of Campania.

  • 1hr fromNaples


Praiano sits along the edge of the Amalfi Coast between the resorts of Amalfi and Prostiano. Spread out across the coastline with picturesque views and sites not to be missed.

  • 1hr 39mins fromNaples

Your Amalfi Coast Villa holiday

Hints of history in Amalfi Coast Image

Hints of history in Amalfi Coast

Fascinating myths and ancient history run deep throughout this captivating region and it’s easy to take a step back in time from our villas on the Sorrentine peninsular along dramatic Amalfi coastline, where sirens are said to have lured fisherman to their deaths on the rocks of Li Galli. Wander the famed archaeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, devastated by the eruptions of Mount Vesuvius and frozen in time under a blanket of volcanic ash and pumice. This poignant reminder of destruction is a stark contrast to the Duomo - or cathedral - of Sorrento, the impressive façade and magnificent, ornate interior of which is a celebration of creation.

Local cuisine in Amalfi Coast Image

Local cuisine in Amalfi Coast

For food lovers a holiday to our Amalfi Coast villas provides many opportunities for indulgence. The rich waters serve up seafood fresh from the port to your plate - try the Marina Grande at Positano and the Marina Piccola at Sorrento for a beautiful backdrop to a delicious meal. The local speciality - Gnocchi alla Sorrentina - is a simple yet delicious dish of potato dumplings in tomato and mozzarella sauce. Menus brim with other Italian favourites, including numerous varieties of pasta and gelati in every flavour imaginable, while nearby Naples is renowned as the home of pizza. If you fancy a tipple, Limoncello is produced on the Amalfi Coast, from enormous Amalfi lemons.

Retail therapy in Amalfi Coast Image

Retail therapy in Amalfi Coast

Our Amalfi Coast villas will undoubtedly provide an unforgettable holiday, it’s natural therefore that you would want a memento to treasure. In Sorrento you’ll find a wealth of shops perfect for a pleasant browse… Choose from a selection of fine lace and leather sandals, while a bottle of the region’s tangy Limoncello will let you savour the taste of Italy from home. You’ll also find a number of fashion boutiques and designer labels both here and in nearby Positano – a postcard-perfect, chic cliffside town that is truly spellbinding and teeming with stylish shops to tempt you.

On the beach in Amalfi Coast Image

On the beach in Amalfi Coast

Discover cliff-backed beaches of attractive, dark sand on the Sorrentine peninsular from our stunning Amalfi Coast villas - the perfect spot to spend a lazy day with vibrant towns above and the sea stretching out to the islands beyond. While you can find a couple of small beaches around Sorrento and Positano, further along the coast you’ll find a long stretch of pristine sand at Mairori, blessed with calm waters and watersports for the more energetic among us. Anyone feeling particularly adventurous may even choose to hire a boat - the only way to reach some of the inaccessible yet beautiful coves - wonderful, secluded places to enjoy one of the region’s famed sunsets.

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Not to be missed...

  • Take a short trip on the ferry or hydrofoil and find yourself on the beautiful island of Capri
  • Savour the cool creaminess of a delicious gelato ice cream in Sorrento
  • The natural wonder of Mount Vesuvius is an awe-inspiring must-see
  • Take a boat from Sorrento to Positano to marvel at the glorious coastline and colourful, cliff-edge town
  • Visit Amalfi with its impressive Duomo and haunting sea caves

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