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Greece Beach Holidays

Some destinations are just blessed with more beach beauty than others, but Greece somehow seems to be streaks ahead. It's as if somebody's waved a sandy magic wand over the coastline and ta-da – amazing beaches everywhere. Idyllic is the norm here, with every beach, bay and cove postcard perfect or magazine cover worthy. From the smallest pebbly coves to the vast expanses of white sand and tranquil spots to bustling watersport havens – Greece beach holidays offer it all. With over 16,000km of coastline between its mainland and islands, there's nowhere better for your extra special beach days!

Beach Holidays in Greece

Golden sands and turquoise waters in Peloponnese

Mainland Greece

The Greek Islands so often steal the limelight, especially when it comes to beaches – there's just so many to choose from! The mainland goes a little under the radar, but maybe that means you'll find some secluded gems, hidden bays and perhaps even fulfil that dream of having a beach all to yourself. And believe us, the beaches on the mainland are just as stunning as their island counterparts. You'll find our Mainland Greece villas in four amazing resorts…

Halkidiki is well known for its soft sand, clear waters and lush greenery, so if you're craving blissful beach days on exotic shores it's ideal. More than 50 fly the Blue Flag here too, so you know that dipping into the water will be just as brilliant as the beach itself. Peloponnese is a little trickier to pin down. You'll find vast stretches here but there's also lots of loved by local coves hidden away behind cliffs and forests – where better for some down time? One thing that Greece promises is those one of a kind, out of this world beaches and this part of the mainland is no exception. Inviting lagoons, fishing villages that literally sit on the edge of those pebbly shores – there's so much to love here.

Epirus is known for being breathtakingly scenic, blending rugged mountains and lush greenery with ease. So whichever beach you pick, you're likely to have spectacular views! Especially on those looking across the sea towards the tip of Corfu and Paxos in the distance. Despite its beauty and popularity there's still plenty of coastline that feels unspoilt, untouched and like a little piece of Greek paradise.

The iconic Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos

The Greek Islands

With villas on more than 10 amazingly unique and blessed with beaches Greek Islands, it would take us far too long to tell you all about all of our top picks! Besides, it's not fair to pick favourites anyway is it? We'll whet your appetite and you can explore our islands for yourself, at least the ones that pique your beachy interests.

Kefalonia, Lefkas and Zakynthos do a wonderful job at hiding their most prized shores behind towering masses of sheer white cliff. Each has their own famous bay too! Myrtos on Kefalonia is a bona fide Hollywood star after appearing in Captain Corelli's Mandolin, white Porto Kasiki on Lefkas is the most picturesque of these cliff-hidden beaches. On Zakynthos there's a rusting shipwreck tucked away on the only-accessible-by-boat Navagio – better known as Shipwreck Beach. With a backdrop of brilliant white, it's almost as if that rusting boat is posing for all your envy-inducing pictures.

Crete is lucky enough to be blessed with more than one beach of pink tinged sand, which is most definitely the stuff of bucket lists! Balos is a little less known than Elafonisi, so you might avoid the crowds by heading here. Every other bay on the island seems to be a perfect arc of sand, with the turquoise sea beautifully following its lead. Corfu seems to be a mix of both, with cliffs and golden curves scattered all along the coastline. Ithaka and Skiathos are great for escaping the masses and grabbing beaches almost all to yourself, plus you'll find a little more fishing heritage dotted along the shore.

The Best Beaches in Greece

Ready to dive into more beach detail, finding a few more hidden gems and popular picks along the way? Get the inside scoop on some of our top islands and the best beaches in Greece.

Greece's Best Beaches

The interior of a traditionally decorated Greek taverna with white walls and blue shutters.

Greek Culture

Greece isn't just a sandy paradise, it's a stunning destination where the locals are friendly and the culture rich and intriguing! The idea of showing exceptional hospitality to guests and those far from home stretches as far back as ancient times and even has its own term – Xenia. So a warm welcome is almost guaranteed when you arrive on these shores! As you take your seat in a taverna, you can't help but feel these principles have had an effect of Greek cuisine. Food is fresh and hearty, mealtimes are about socialising with loved ones and you'll very much receive service with a smile. You always seem to leave with a full stomach and beaming grin on your face.

There's nowhere better for an exciting history lesson either! Greece has a fierce reputation for its myth and monuments that stretches all across the globe. Olympia in Peloponnese is the home of the Olympic Games, with a history dating back thousands of years and structures that are remarkably well preserved. Rhodes is home to more than one ancient acropolis, Crete is home to a palace entwined in a Minotaur myth and Corfu the scene of an old town with plenty of Venetian influence.

We Love Greece Beach Holidays

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