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Villas in Egypt

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An introduction to Egypt

The Red Sea coastline provides a stunning backdrop for your Egypt villa holiday. The fantastic climate, dramatic desert scenery and beautiful, crystal clear waters make this a wonderful destination for relaxing or active holidays at any time of year under the perennial African sunshine. With the excellent combination of golf, water sports and sporting activities on offer, there is plenty to keep you occupied from our villas in Egypt, or why not simply unwind on one of the beautiful beaches, or in one of the wonderful resort spas? Here you will find all the facilities you could wish for within just a short distance of your villa accommodation. We will even book your transport from the airport, to help you arrive relaxed and ready for your Egypt experience.

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  • Your Villa Holiday

    Sparkling seas, bright white sand and pleasant, temperate Red Sea air are just some of the exceptional features offered by a James Villa holiday in Egypt. The unforgettably exotic desert location and the ease and comfort of your own villa will combine to create a seamless trip of a lifetime. You’ll never tire of looking at the photos when you get back!

    With luxury villa rentals in Egypt, you’re certain to experience a truly relaxing break. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the superb locations and unparalleled facilities offered by James Villa properties. Opt for a leisurely swim in the villa pool, a refreshing dip in the nearby crystal clear sea, or perhaps play a few games of tennis before winding down again with an indulgent spa treatment.

    Enjoy the option of self-catering and cook delicious meals from the local delicacies you’ll find while strolling through the bustling Egyptian markets.

    There are a wealth of beautiful villas to choose from in Egypt, and equally as many reasons to visit this stunning country.

  • About Egypt

    Spanning both the continents of Africa and Asia, Egypt is a country that offers fascinating history, incredible ancient architecture and awe-inspiring landscapes.

    Sharm el-Sheikh, or the ‘City of Peace’, is the darling of savvy holidaymakers. It has a hot, desert climate with virtually no rain, making it perfect for sun-seekers. One of the highlights of Sharm el-Sheikh is its marine life; it has around 250 coral reefs and hundreds upon hundreds of species of fish, making it perfect for snorkelling.

    Hurghada is a 20th century city on the Red Sea coastline, surrounded by idyllic resorts and stunning beach scenery. Its quirky shisha cafes and lively bazaars are as much of an attraction as its naturally beautiful beaches and striking landscape. Seafood and rich North African cuisine are its tantalising culinary highlights.

  • When to go to Egypt

    The perennial subtropical climate means that the best time to go to Egypt is - any time! Most of the minimal rainfall occurs in the winter months, so if it’s uninterrupted sun you’re after, aim for the summer months. However, if you’d rather avoid the intense heat, the weather is gorgeous in December, January and February too.

  • Cultural Highlights

    When planning a James Villa holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh, be sure to factor in paying a visit to nearby Mount Sinai. Sinai is the Biblical name of the mountain on which Moses received the Ten Commandments, and it’s unsurprisingly a staggering sight. At the foot of the mountain is the St Catherine Monastery - one of the oldest monasteries in the world. Named a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2002, this is a true Egyptian treasure and an unmissable treat for art and culture buffs.

    If you choose to rent a villa in Hurghada, why not enjoy a scenic horse ride along the sand dunes of the desert, or along the rare lush green forestry of the city. But, don’t worry if you’re not confident with your riding, plenty of stables offer guests an opportunity to learn all the basics, from how to kit out your horse to jumping.

  • Egypt Holidays - Points of Interest

    • Don’t miss your chance to snorkel in the colourful depths of the Red Sea. The beauty of the coral and the multitudes of vibrant fish will blow you away.
    • Watch the sunset on Mount Sinai. The combination of the gorgeous colours and the Biblical setting make this an incredibly powerful experience that will far exceed your already high expectations.
    • Experience the epic vistas of the Sahara desert. Take a quad to the Bedouin encampments, and enjoy a memorably bumpy camel ride.
    • See Egypt’s marine life up close at the Hurghada Aquarium. Go before you try your hand at snorkelling and you’ll know what to look for!
    • Absorb the beauty and drama of ancient history at Luxor, the largest religious site on earth. Built on the city of Thebes, this is a must for anyone fascinated by the distant past.
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  • Golf Courses in Egypt

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