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Villas in Dalmatian Islands

No two Dalmatian Islands are the same, each has a unique personality and that’s all part of their charm. Although you can expect to find plenty of idyllic beaches, natural beauty and Croatian culture wherever you go. Traditions live on in timeless towns, giving you a glimpse at island life as it once was. The catch of the day still bobs back into small harbours, a wonderful sight for sitting by the waterfront. And the fish tastes so fresh here you’ll remember the flavours long after you leave! In fact, each island offers a unique twist on Croatian cuisine with their own culinary style and locally grown delights. The beauty of our Dalmatian Island villas is that you can explore as much of this as you like. Spend mornings painting a rural picture inland, before heading down to a swanky waterfront town to enjoy the buzz and hum of lively bars. Or simply kick back at your villa, enjoying peace, privacy and your very own pool. The choice is all yours…

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  • Dalmatian Islands Food

    If you love food, Dalmatia is an ideal choice of destination! Seafood is the dish of the day on the coast, with delicious white fish and shellfish caught fresh each morning from the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. That same evening, the fish is usually being served to diners in local restaurants. Within inland areas, popular dishes often include meats such as local prosciutto. These dishes are well-accompanied by the range of great local wines available – both red and white. Dalmatia boasts an abundance of excellent restaurants serving local dishes, ranging from tiny local taverns and bistros, to fine dining establishments.

  • Dalmatian Islands Activities

    Dalmatia is packed with stunning natural beauty from over 300 islands offshore to the dramatic mountains inland. There is a wealth of national parks to explore offering many great opportunities for exploring on foot or by bicycle. The island of Hvar offers beautiful scenery covered in lavender, rosemary and heather, whilst stunning Brac offers spellbinding coastline – both perfect for exploring via ferry from the mainland. There are a great number of boat trips available from local ports and harbours, offering a peaceful and relaxing way to explore the best of this stunning coastline as you glide across the sparkling waters of the Adriatic Sea.

  • Dalmatian Islands Beaches

    The coastline of Dalmatia is simply beautiful, with countless pebble or sandy beaches backed by pine trees, peaceful bays and crystal clear waters. Many of these beaches have been awarded a blue flag in recognition of their quality. To the south of the city of Split, you will find long stretches of pebble beach lapped by the blue Adriatic waters – perfect for a relaxing family beach holiday. The beautiful islands of Brac and Hvar are easily accessible by ferry from a number of points along the coast, and both have many secluded beaches where you can get away from it all.

  • Dalmatian Islands Local Charm

    Still relatively undiscovered by tourists, a villa holiday in Dalmatia offers you the chance to discover the Mediterranean as it was years ago. There is plenty of culture and history to be absorbed here, and many friendly and engaging local people to meet. Beautiful historic cities such as Dubrovnik and Zadar offer stunning architecture and fascinating ancient sites, whilst exploring traditional villages off the beaten track will show you the traditional lifestyle that still exists. Visiting local markets to stock up on fresh produce and typical crafts from local artisans will really help you feel like one of the locals.

  • Dalmatian Islands Holidays - Points of Interest

    • Visit the most beautiful and spectacular beach on the Island of Brac, Zlatni Rat, often referred to as the golden horn.

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