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  • Villa

    Photo provided by Mr Wearmouth

    Customer was staying at Kalithea in Vathi, Meganissi

    Kalithea villa panorama. Infinity pool looking across the harbour full of restaurants
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 23 Jun 2016.
  • Beaches

    Photo provided by Mr Cullum

    Customer was staying at Villa India III in Binibeca, Menorca

    Picturesque village with gorgeous beach.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 02 Nov 2014.
  • Restaurants

    Photo provided by Mr Morley

    Customer was staying at Casa Laranja in Praia D'el Rey Golf & Beach Resort, Silver Coast

    Simple food well presented. Great service, great value.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 11 Sep 2018.
  • Places of Interest

    Photo provided by Mrs Holbrook

    Customer was staying at Dream View (Anna) in Trapezaki, Kefalonia

    Beautiful. Worth a visit
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 08 Oct 2019.
  • Villa

    Photo provided by Ms Mackie

    Customer was staying at Sofia in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote

    Lovely villa in a perfect location! Walking distance to absolutely everything.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 20 Dec 2014.

Photo content supplied by customers using our Travellers App - view all recommendations.

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