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  • Villa

    Photo provided by Mr Clarkson

    Customer was staying at Caballa 221 (Villa Olivo) in La Torre Golf Resort, Costa Calida

    Few pics of Villa- is really spacious and comfortable
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 07 Oct 2016.
  • Restaurants

    Photo provided by Miss Robbins

    Customer was staying at Joya in Skala, Kefalonia

    Food is brilliant, we went back 3 times. The chocolate soufflé is out of this world.
    Submitted via our Other sources - 14 May 2015.
  • Places of Interest

    Photo provided by Mr Pruden

    Customer was staying at Bonaca in Sumartin, Brac, Dalmatia

    50 minute ferry crossing from Sumartin. Pebble beach, cafes shops. Try the gourmet ice-cream bargain at 8kn a cone.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 01 Jun 2016.
  • Places of Interest

    Photo provided by Mr Giles

    Customer was staying at Villa 257 (Vista Mar) in Caminha, Costa Verde

    View from patio across the river Minho to Spain
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 20 Jul 2017.
  • Villa

    Photo provided by Mrs Hiscox

    Customer was staying at Villa Kiki in Coral Bay, Cyprus

    Beautiful pool, bar and covered area by night.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 18 Jul 2017.

Photo content supplied by customers using our Travellers App - view all recommendations.

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