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  • Villa

    Photo provided by Mrs New

    Customer was staying at Olivia in Coral Bay, Cyprus

    Watching the sunset
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 10 Oct 2019.
  • Restaurants

    Photo provided by Mrs Davies

    Customer was staying at Eleni in Kalami, Corfu

    Gorgeous setting with stunning views of the bay. The food is very good and the service excellent but you pay for it!!!
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 02 Sep 2019.
  • Beaches

    Photo provided by Mr Pruden

    Customer was staying at Fleur in L'Ametlla de Mar, Costa Dorada

    Beautiful little cove 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk from the Villa, nice for swimming Sandy beach.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 23 Oct 2017.
  • Villa

    Photo provided by Mr Livesey

    Customer was staying at Chara Mari in Latchi, Cyprus

    Lovely villa been here five times.
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 21 Apr 2018.
  • Places of Interest

    Photo provided by Mrs Loveridge

    Customer was staying at Quinta da Varzea in Caminha, Costa Verde

    A short walk away and perfect for a river swim
    Submitted via our Travellers App - 26 Jul 2019.

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