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Marrakech villa holidays

Just the name Marrakech conjures up images of a mysterious and exotic city, and for hundreds of years, travellers have been entranced by this African oasis. A focal point for traders who had driven through the Sahara to sell their wares, Marrakech remains a must-see destination for many of today’s more adventurous holiday-makers. Anyone keen to delve a little further into the unknown will be captivated by the Moroccan experience, and those wanting just a taste of local culture can take a trip into the heart of the Medina, Marrakech’s old walled city. Visitors will relish the chance to haggle - or watch someone else have a go - in the Souks and Bazaars, where the range of produce available has to be seen to be believed. Whilst most mosques are closed to non-Muslims, the exteriors are impressive enough in their own right, especially the Minaret attached to the Koutoubia Mosque which dominates the Marrakech skyline. With the Atlas Mountains providing the perfect backdrop, a trip to this legendary city will live in the memory for years.

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  • Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa Holiday Resort

    Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa

    The Al Maaden Villa Hotel and Spa resort is a beautiful peaceful holiday resort. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre but still with plenty of amenities to keep everyone entertained, it is a paradise for golfers, pleasure seekers and families alike.

    3 villas 20mins Marrakech
  • All our villas in Marrakech are visited and handpicked by our in-house experts

Marrakech Villa Selection

We have chosen a selection of 3 villas from our full list of properties in Marrakech. Find the perfect villa below:

  • Ryad Bab Aylan
    • Sleeps 4
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 2 Bathrooms
    • Private Pool
    • Free Air Conditioning
    • Car Essential

    Ryad Bab Aylan

    Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa, Marrakech

  • Ryad Bab Menara
    • Sleeps 8
    • 4 Bedrooms
    • 4 Bathrooms
    • Private Pool
    • Free Air Conditioning
    • Car Essential

    Ryad Bab Menara

    Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa, Marrakech

  • Ryad Bab Ighil
    • Sleeps 6
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • Private Pool
    • Free Air Conditioning
    • Car Essential

    Ryad Bab Ighil

    Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa, Marrakech

About Marrakech

Discover local charm in Marrakech

Marrakech is the kind of place where you find snake charmers and fortune tellers in one area of the Medina, before turning the corner to be greeted by monkey trainers and an abundance of orange juice stalls. To get a great view of the city and all its sights, hop on to a Calèche (horse-drawn carriage) and the driver will take you wherever you want to go – just don’t forget to bargain down from the inflated price he may try to charge you.

Local cuisine in Marrakech

For a true taste of classic Moroccan cuisine, try a Tajine with cous-cous. Named after the clay pot with a cone-shaped lid in which they are gloriously slow-cooked, Tajines usually combine meat or fish with fruits and vegetables to provide a wonderfully traditional meal. Delicious filo pastry dishes such as Pastilla or Briouettes are real favourites, and to sample a bit of everything, why not try a selection of international cuisines at the Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa Resort.

Shop in local style in Marrakech

Renowned the world over, the Souks and Bazaars of Marrakech give those who like to shop a great chance to test their bartering skills. Laid out in the narrow streets to the north of the Medina square, you can find almost anything if you look hard enough. From lanterns and carpets to herbs and spices – each section specializes in a particular type of product. Those keen to expand their horizons and venture into the city by evening will be tantalized by the Night Market, where the shopping experience is heightened by the street entertainers and musicians.

Hints of history in Marrakech

Whilst many of the more sacred buildings are out-of bounds to non-Muslims, there is more than enough in Marrakech to keep those intrigued by the city’s colourful history. The pink dried mud walls of the old city date from the 12th century, and both within and outside of them there are countless places to see. From the fabled Badii Palace to the Saadian Tombs, hidden in a beautiful garden at the end of the narrowest of passages - you will find a reminder of Marrakech’s fascinating past. Take a trip to Les Jardins de Majorelle, which was a gift from Yves Saint Laurent and experience a vast array of wonderful plants, providing yet another colourful and diverse activity!

James recommends
  • Stroll through Les Jardins de Majorelle, owned by French couturier Yves St Laurent and his gift to the city.
  • Marvel at the decorative Medersa Ben Youssef, arguably Marrakech’s finest building, where young Moroccans would attend to learn the Quran.
  • Need some soft leather slippers or a wonderful new bag? Haggle in the Souk des Babouches – where there is a vast array of products to suit all tastes!
  • Treat yourself to a Spa treatment in the luxurious setting of the Al Maaden Villa Hotel & Spa
  • Enjoy a round of golf in the sun at the splendid resort course
  • Explore the remarkable Palais de la Bahia, bursting with lavish floor-to-ceiling décor.
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